Annual Scout and Adult Leader Registration and Dues Payment
Effective August 1st, all new and existing Cub Scouts and adult leaders are to register and pay
annual dues through the Northern Star Council event registration and payment site using the
link below.

Important: When selecting your unit during registration, please search for and select unit#

Pack 168 Payment or Donation
Do you need to make a payment or wish to support Pack 168 by making a donation?
Click on the “Pay Now” button below to proceed to PayPal.

Important: Select Friends and Families as the payment option when making either a payment or
You must also include a description of what your payment or donation is for when submitting.

Pack 168 Expense Reimbursement Request
Do you need to submit an expense and receipt for reimbursement? Pack or adult leaders who
have an expense and receipt for reimbursement are to use the Pack 168 Expense Reimbursement form.

If you have any issues making a payment or using the expense reimbursement form, please
contact Drew Hensel, Pack 168 Treasurer.