Wreath Fundraiser Update and Pickup Schedule

posted Nov 17, 2020, 5:19 PM by Edina Cub Scout Pack 168

Many thanks to everyone who participated in this year's Wreath Fundraiser!  Despite the unique challenges this year presented, we matched last year's success, selling well over $8,000 of wreaths and garlands.  Everyone who participated gets a prize, with additional prizes for top sellers.  Prize breakouts by Den are below; prizes with be distributed at upcoming Den meetings.

Tier 1: Everyone who participates in Wreath sales gets a collapsible hot dog/marshmallow roasting stick
Tier 2: (Sell >$250):  Choice of $5 gift card or a portable camping fan (plus T1 prize)
Tier 3: (Sell >$500): Choice of $15 gift card or BSA Swiss Army Knife (plus T2 and T1 prizes)

A reminder that Wreathmeister Jeff has made two different dates available for pick up: Thursday the 19th from 6-9pm and Friday the 20th from 10am-1pm, both at 5800 York Ave S.  If you are unable to pick up at one of those times, please contact Jeff Johnson to arrange an alternative ( / mobile 952-212-0284).

2020-2021 Pack 168 Wreath Fundraiser

DenSales AmountTier 3 Prize WinnersTier 2 Prize WinnersTier 1 Prize Winners
Webelos II$744.00034
Webelos I$2,085.00136


DenSales %

Webelos II8.7%

Webelos I24.5%





COVID Guidelines Update

posted Nov 17, 2020, 5:09 PM by Edina Cub Scout Pack 168

Pack 168 continues to follow the COVID safety guidelines set by the Northern Star Council.  Northern Star Council recently updated its guidelines as follows: In person Pack/Den meetings cannot include any indoor eating/drinking due to the State of Minnesota Emergency Executive Order 20-96, while the Pack/Den are to continue following the Unit Restart Guidelines.

2020 Wreath Fundraising Has Kicked Off!

posted Sep 10, 2020, 5:52 PM by Edina Cub Scout Pack 168   [ updated Oct 8, 2020, 8:17 PM ]

Below is the (1) Wreath Fundraiser Overview, (2) Order Form, (3) Sales Brochure, and (4) Order Form Summary for the 2020 Wreath Fundraiser.  Includes a Pack 168-specific full color page brochure for you to print out as a sales aid.  For the safety of all and to avoid the spread of COVID-19, please no in-person door to door sales this year.  Thank you!

COVID-19 Guidelines

posted Aug 15, 2020, 2:15 PM by Edina Cub Scout Pack 168   [ updated Aug 18, 2020, 7:37 PM ]

COVID-19 guidelines will be followed for the 2020-2021 School Year
August 5, 2020

Pack 168 is committed to the well-being and safety of our scouts and adult leaders, and accordingly are
following the recommended guidelines from the Northern Star Council for all scout related activities at
the Pack and Den level:

  • We will follow state guidelines with regards to social distancing and sanitizing, which at this time require groups of young people and adult leaders that number 25 or fewer in an outdoor space, or fewer than 10 in an indoor space, and follow all social distancing (including 6' spacing) as well as self-screening safety standards.
  • Northern Star Council has provided a Participant health screening checklist, which is to be used by participants (scouts, youth and adult volunteers, vendors, visitors, etc.) to screen for potentially communicable diseases before departure on the day of an event, camp, or outing.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should we wear a mask during Scouting
 Following state guidelines, all people should wear a mask when social
distancing is difficult, either indoors or outdoors. Additionally, masks should
be worn when in indoor spaces or vehicles containing multiple people. Masks
are not necessary if the group of people all live together in the same
What if a participant
cannot wear a mask
during Scouting
 Unless a participant has a medical exemption, all participants must comply
with state guidelines requiring use of masks indoors and when social
distancing is not possible outdoors. Those who have a medical exemption
should sign the exemption sheet to be kept on file with the unit or activity
leader. Those with a valid exemption will be asked to wear a face shield and
indoor activities will be restricted to well-ventilated spaces that provide at
least 144 square feet of floor space per person. If a participant cannot wear a
face covering of any type their involvement in indoor programming, or
outdoor programming without social distancing at all times, will be limited.
Where can I find
detailed recommendations and guidelines from the
State of Minnesota for
preventing further transmission of COVID-19?
 We are following the detailed recommendations that can be
found here:
What decision criteria
will be used when
determining whether a
meeting, activity, or
outing may take place?
 Northern Star Council has requested that all scouting units use the following
flowchart as a guide for deciding whether a meeting, activity, or outing may
be scheduled:

Specific COVID-19 precautions Pack 168 is taking for the 2020-2021 school year:

o Conducting meetings using virtual meeting technologies as a way for families to connect
with their fellow scouts and complete rank requirements.
o For our rank requirements that include outings or in-person activities, we will follow
current guidelines at the time of our outing, which at this time guidelines include
completing the 
Participant health screening checklist, and meeting outdoors in groups of 25 or fewer; we will
wear masks when its not possible to socially distance outdoors.
o Fall recruitment to be conducted using virtual meeting technologies for interested
scouts and their families to interact with Pack and Den leaders.
o Schedule time slots for Dens, or within Dens (for larger Dens) to participate in popular
in-person Pack events such as Rocket Day, Egg Drop, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold
o Conduct the Fall Hot Dog Roast at the Den level, outdoors and with family units seated
together at a Den leader’s home or park that provides ample space for social distancing
and in groups of 25 or less.
o Structure seasonal camping and Polar Cubs so that family units are placed in small
groups/pods and remain together throughout the event, while also remaining socially
distanced from other small groups/pods.
o Fundraising activities to be conducted using electronic tools and virtual meetings,
including placing orders and payment electronically; pick-up of wreaths at a scout
leader’s home to be scheduled by family unit, and drop-off to be scheduled by the scout
with the customer.

August Newsletter

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We need your talent! Please see the attached document for the Pack's open positions.

September Newsletter

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March Newsletter

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November Newsletter

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October Newsletter

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2017 Wreath Sales Info

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